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Add HDRi as background image

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If we use a HDRi as background image must be of good quality (good resolution in pixels) and put the camera in the correct position for the models that are in the scene look as if they really were on the floor.
The steps are:

1. Load the HDRi in a slot

Create a map VRayHDRi

Cargar el HDRi en una casilla

Load at him HDRi high resolution

Carga en él el HDRi de alta resolución
Change the map type to Spherical

Cambia el tipo de mapa a Spherical

2. VRayHDRI in Environment Map

Drag VRayHDRI to the Environment Map

VRayHDRi en Environment Map

3. Camera Location

Create VRayPhysicalCamera on the scene and put in the coordinates 0, 0, 0

Ubicación de la Cámara

4. Display the HDRi in Viewport

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7. Final Render

The correct location of the models on the floor looks.

Render Final de Imagen de fondo

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