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For this tutorial you need basic knowledge of geometry creation and editing materials.

illuminate HDRi "Environment"

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1.- Preparing the scene

Welcome to this new tutorial that will explain how to use a HDRi for lighting a scene with 3dmax and VRay.
The basic objects for this tutorial is to create a plan that serves as ground and on it any geometry:

Preparing the scene

but if you want more details on the scene I have prepared one with more geometry (as shown on the picture onset), just download it, unzip the rar and open it in 3ds max.

Download scene

The downloads you need are:

2.- Loads the rendering engine: Vray

Open the Render Setup (F10 or Rendering > Render Setup…) window in the common tab and assign it as the VRay rendering engine.

We assign the render engine: Vray

3.- Prepare the Indirect Illumination GI

In Indirect illumination activates the On and choose as Primary bounces: the Irradiance Map and Secondary bounces: the Light cache

Prepare the Indirect Illumination GI

4.- Turn the room lights

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10.- Final render

Give the Render (Shift + Q> or Rendering> Render) to see the final image, so yes, it will take a little adjustment from the previous step.

Final render for 3ds max and VRay environment

Important notes

If you want to change the direction of lighting and the reflections of the materials in your scene both horizontally and vertically you can change the parameters Horiz. rotation and / or Vert. rotation which are in degrees (0 °, 360 °) in both positive and negative values.

One way to gain more control of lighting and reflex independently of each other to create 2 squares of material with the same HDRi, one would assign a GI Environment and the other Relection/refraction Enviroment can change the parameters of each separately.

To save your render as sRGB (gamma 2.2) you just have to choose in the window that appears when you save the override option and put 2.2
Click on the images below to see the full gallery with other examples in this tutorial:

Now that you’ve completed this tutorial check out this one as it is another alternative to illuminate with HDRi: HDRi lighting with “Lightdome” in 3ds max and VRay.


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