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Today I will explain a topic that many times caused confusion when deciding what size to make a render when we need to cover a large surface area. Everything came up when I needed a large render “How to create a large render” for an advertising area.

We know that to print A4 folio in good quality has to be 300 or 400 dpi (2480 × 3508 px); We think that if we need to cover an area more extensive than the dpi must continue to preserve the visual quality of the Image, but not so, it all depends on the distance.

That is, the more distance there is between the area to be covered and the viewer the less dpi needed, while for an A4 sheet to be viewed at a reading distance of about 25 cms, 300 dpi is needed. For a billboard that will be at a distance of approximately 16 meters, only 5 dpi is needed.

Next I show a table that I found and that shows the dpi that is needed according to the distance to which it will be seen, keep in mind that this table is only a reference if you can ask to your printing press and that tells you to which resolution they print it already Which will depend on the machine they use and the material on which they print.

Viewing distanceMaximum resolution appreciated by the human eye
8in381 dpi
10in305 dpi
12in254 dpi
1ft 3in191 dpi
1ft 7in152 dpi
1ft 11in127 dpi
2ft 3in109dpi
2ft 7in95 dpi
2ft 11in85 dpi
3ft 3.3in76 dpi
3ft 11in64 dpi
4ft 7in54 dpi
5ft 10in42 dpi
6ft 6.7in38 dpi
8ft 2.4in30 dpi
9ft 10in25 dpi
3yd 2ft22 dpi
4yd 1ft19 dpi
4yd 2.7ft17 dpi
5yd 1ft15 dpi
6yd14 dpi
6,56yd13 dpi
8,75yd10 dpi
10,94yd8 dpi
13,12yd6 dpi
15,3yd5 dpi
17,5yd5 dpi

So if you have to do a photo or render of 10,94 X 3,28yd and that is going to see at a distance of 3.28 yd, according to the table you need 25 dpi, es decir:

10,94yd = 393.7in
3,28yd = 118.11in
393.7in X 25 dpi = 9842,5
118.11in X 25 dpi = 2952,7

To cover 10,93 X 3,28yd at a distance of 3,28yd you need an image of 9843 X 2953 pixels
Here the button if you want to download this table in pdf:

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