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In this tutorial I show you step by step how to create water drops in 3Ds max, as distributed on the surface of the object, set its size and use the MultiScatter plugin, create water material and render test, the correct settings for a render good quality

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I have two models on the scene (2 bottles of soda)

drops in 3Ds Max

These models put 2 types of drops of water, the first small and round, the second to be irregular and large as seen in the following photo.

Water drops example

I’ll start adding the drops to one model and then repeat the procedure with the second model.



Create a 12-sided sphere, change it to Editable polygon. Modifying the lower vertices of such that they are in the half of the sphere. If necessary scale was slightly higher vertices to give more roundness to the small drop.

Crear la gota

Put the pin on the bottom of the drop but not reaching the base.


With selected drop creates a Scatter (Menu: Create> Compound> Scatter). In the Pick Distribution Object dropdown click on the Pick Distribution Object button and then click on the model. With the above we have made the drop to the model set (a bottle) then you have to distribute the amount that we deem necessary at our discretion.

Fijar gota


Takes the following values only for reference as these vary depending on the size of your model and drop you’ve created, so each value adjusted according to your criteria and need.
Start by putting 500 Duplicates to increase the amount of drop that will be distributed throughout the model, make sure that the Parameter Object Distribution Perpendicular option is checked it, so the drop is placed correctly on the model surface.

Duplicates Scatter

If the drop is too big or small for the model in Base Scale resizes.
In Distribution Using select drop distribution, in my case is Even better, try the Area and Even.

Distribute using Scatter


In Scaling modify the size of the droplets at different scales by marking Maximun Range Use and Lock Aspect Ratio to uniform scaling on all axes, change the value of X that best suits visually, some drops will get bigger and other smaller.

Scaling Scatter


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Bottle water drop

another render using the same technique

Water drops Cocacola mascotas mundial football 3ds max

I hope this tutorial is useful for you, let your opinion. Greetings.


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