Download print resolution table based on distance

I'm going to comment on a topic that often caused confusion when deciding what size we have to render when we need to cover a large area of surface...
Render Final de Imagen de fondo

Add HDRi as bakcground image

In this tutorial I will explain how to use a HDRi as wallpaper because it has to be good quality (good resolution in pixels) and put the camera in the correct position for the models that are in the scene look as if they really were in the floor

How illuminate HDRi "Environment" in 3ds max and VRay?

Welcome to this new tutorial that will explain how to use a HDRi for lighting a scene with 3ds max and render engine VRay from the Environment tab see how adding realistic lighting to your scene and in turn put reflections with HDRi, a practical and easy to follow tutorial step by step with the necessary downloads.

HDRi Lighting with LightWave and Maxwell Render

In this tutorial we will use a high quality HDRi to illuminate a basic scene, knowing each parameter Lightwave engine program with Maxwell Render of Next Limit, also we will review the most essential functions of the 3d camera