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With the release of the new version of 3Ds Max and its new interface, I present this renewed graphic list of keyboard shortcuts that help to make the work faster and more efficient. This new delivery brings shortcut news in the viewport.
The yellow background shortcuts are the default ones with 3ds Max and the cyan background are the shortcut suggestions I use.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Vertex

Atajos de teclado para los Vértices

Keyboard shortcuts for edges

Atajos de teclado para las Aristas

Keyboard Shortcuts for Borders

Atajos de teclado para los Bordes

Keyboard Shortcuts for Polygons

Atajos de teclado para los Polígonos

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Element

Atajos de teclado para el Elemento

Keyboard Shortcuts for Geometry Editing

Atajos de teclado para la Edición de Geometrías

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Main Toolbar

Atajos de teclado para la Barra de Herramientas Principal
Atajos de teclado para la Barra de Herramientas Principal

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Animation and Navigation Bar

Atajos de teclado para la Barra de Animación y Navegación

Mouse Shortcuts

Atajo de teclado 3Ds Max

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Viewport

Atajos de Teclado en el Viewport

Atajos de Teclado en el Viewport

Download the complete list of Shortcuts

Click here to go to the download page where you will find the complete list of shortcuts for 3ds Max

How to Customize Your Own Shortcuts

To know the default shortcuts and to modify them you have to go to the menu Customize > Customize User interface, which will open a window.
In this window in the bottom right you will see the Write Keyboard Chart… button, With this button you export in text format (MaxStartUI.kbdx.txt) all the 3ds Max shortcuts that come by default.

To change a shortcut, first select a group (GROUP) and a category (Category), scroll down the list and you will see that some actions already have a shortcut, click on the action you want to change, click on the Hotkey field and put the Shortcut by pressing the shortcut keys on the keyboard, if there were any shortcut already assigned in the field Assigned to will show you which action is already assigned the shortcut you want to add. With the Assign button you confirm the shortcut that you want to assign to that action.

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