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In our beginnings with 3d few times we wanted to import a vector to 3ds max and we have been unable to do so because the message “line in file exceeds 255 characters” or “Improper file format“, although in the 3Dmax can create splines it is easier to do the strokes in a vector program and export them in Adobe Illustrator.

From Adobe Illustrator

If the design or logo you’re doing leads typography, fonts have to be converted to outline. The picture shows the logo of google made with typography, select it and click right mouse select Create Outlines, this option also find it on the menu: Type > Create Outlines or the combination of Shift + Ctrl + O
Remember that everything is text have to convert it to outlines because max does not recognize illustrator typography.

illustrator file into 3ds


Now save it with version 8, this is important because max does not recognize later, even to make sure it finds no version compatibility issues you can save with version 3. This is especially with regard to illustrator, see below and import it into 3ds max.



From Corel Draw

In this example I have the logo of google made with typography, the same happens to users illustrator, if the design is typography, convert all that is typography curves, but we will now, we’re going to export it :



We export our vector design in the window that appears select Illustrator 8 and as our design takes typography export text as curves, even to make sure it finds no version compatibility issues you can save with version 3. This is especially with regard Corel Draw, below we will see how to import it in 3ds max and the options it offers.



Import the vector Adobe Illustrator (* .ai) into 3ds max

To import into 3ds max choose the * .ai you saved and we see a window like the image below, the first option “Merge objects with current scene” gives us the layout matter in our current scene, while the second option “Completely remplace current scene.” choose to import the path to a new scene.



After choosing one of two options, another window appears:



This window offers two other options shown below:

Simgle Object

The vector now in 3ds max is a Editable Spline is placed in our scene as a single object, but also, if desired, can be separated into the individual objects with Detach tool.



Multiple Object

This option is also an Editable Spline but each line is an independent object, but if you want you can make them a single object by selecting each with Attach or Attach Mult. tool.




When you make your design Vector careful not to stroke and fill at once, but to import it into 3ds max have two overlapping Editable Splines.



Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you can share in a social network, greetings and see you soon 🙂


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