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Getty Images is one of the most important US companies that distributes all kinds of multimedia file for graphic, advertising and business sector.
Among its various companies has several specialized websites selling images consists of freelancers and professionals who sell their photographs obtaining important income.
To sell Getty, it requires a minimum of quality in photographs, for it give advice to its members for photos meet the requirements that the company asks, one of the requirements demanded is that the photos are sharp where required without trepidations, there is counseling the method I explain below:
This is the photo I used for this tutorial:


First of all duplicate the layer so you will verify the before and after.

1. Spend the photo to Lab

Image > Mode > Lab Color



2. Despeckle filter passes

In the window channel, the channels that we are Luminosity, A and B.
Select channel A (the picture changes to gray) and apply Filter > Noise > Despeckle.



Do the same with the channel B
In this step we are applying a small blur to channels A and B reducing color noise leaving intact the Lightness channel.

3. Spend the photo to RGB

Image > Mode > RGB Color


4. Pass the Unsharp Mask filter

Channels in the window selects the R channel and apply Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask…


in the Unsharp Mask window puts the values shown in the image.


Repeat with the channel G.
Channel B (blue) it does not apply this filter as if it were applied appear unwanted noise, it said the Blue channel is the channel more noise has, although several photographers have shown that it is not, or at least not always so. But as we are following the Getty method to this channel will not apply any filters.

We have set the focus and can compare the original (left) with the retouched photo (right).


5. Download Photoshop action

If you have to do this process for a single photo is fine but if it is for hundreds of pictures is best to have an Action for Photoshop, the action will make all steps for a single file or a batch of files in “Download Actions for Photoshop Methods Focus images “you not only will download the action “Getty images” but also others that have already been published.
As always thanks for following this tutorial and if you like please help me to share 🙂


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