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Importing illustrator file into 3ds max
In our beginnings with 3d few times we wanted to import a vector to 3ds max and has left us error messages , it's a simple tutorial that helps us prepare a vector file to import it into 3ds max
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Keyboard shortcuts for 3ds Max
Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that help speed up workflow and efficiency. It’s always a good idea to try and use the keyboard over mouseclicks as it saves a large amount of time...
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Creating Water drops in 3Ds Max
In this tutorial I show you step by step how to create water drops in 3Ds max, as distributed on the surface of the object, set its size and use the MultiScatter plugin, create water material and render test, the correct settings for a render good quality
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Add HDRi as background image
In this tutorial I will explain how to use a HDRi as wallpaper because it has to be good quality (good resolution in pixels) and put the camera in the correct position for the models that are in the scene look as if they really were in the floor
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Make sharp shadows with HDR
One advantage of the HDRi is good lighting that gives the scene and makes it more realistic, but also one of the drawbacks is making sharp shadows. The method we used when we have a HDRi lighting the scene and we want to make sharp shadows, is to create an additional light to help make these shadows defined. With a few simple changes you'll learn to make them more sharp and clear...
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Check real EV (Dynamic Range) of a HDRi
Analyze with Photoshop HDR, check their quality and dynamic range. Opening the HDR in Photoshop can often see it too dark or too bright, we'll see if this affects the lighting of a scene, use the eyedropper tool to control the EV...
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