Collection Kyle – 3d model – Free download


This time I bring you to download free 4 models from the Collection Kyle – 3d model. These models are Hight Poly, meaning these models are of high quality and textures included ready to use. As a reference these models are distributed by El Corte Ingles stores, consisting of Dining table, Chair, Side table and Sideboard. These are modeled with 3ds max and VRay materials

Collection Kyle - 3d model

Mesa Kyle

Mesa auxiliar Kyle

Aparador Kyle

Silla Kyle

Below I present the most important characteristics of the contents of the download.


  • Format: 3ds max (2014), FBX.
  • Textures: Yes
  • Mapping: Yes
  • Texture quality: 2048×2048 px


Single glass – VRay Material


At the end of this content is the download button of the material but before explain how it has been done.

This is one of the easiest materials of VRay, in a VRayMtl you put the reflections and refractions completely in white color (255.255.255) and the IOR of the refraction to 1.52. If you want to increase the reflections you can increase the IOR of the reflection

To have double reflection and give more realism to the material you must activate the box “Reflect on back side

Download print resolution table based on distance


Today I will explain a topic that many times caused confusion when deciding what size to make a render when we need to cover a large surface area. Everything came up when I needed a large render “How to create a large render” for an advertising area.

We know that to print A4 folio in good quality has to be 300 or 400 dpi (2480 × 3508 px); We think that if we need to cover an area more extensive than the dpi must continue to preserve the visual quality of the Image, but not so, it all depends on the distance.

That is, the more distance there is between the area to be covered and the viewer the less dpi needed, while for an A4 sheet to be viewed at a reading distance of about 25 cms, 300 dpi is needed. For a billboard that will be at a distance of approximately 16 meters, only 5 dpi is needed.

Next I show a table that I found and that shows the dpi that is needed according to the distance to which it will be seen, keep in mind that this table is only a reference if you can ask to your printing press and that tells you to which resolution they print it already Which will depend on the machine they use and the material on which they print.

Viewing distanceMaximum resolution appreciated by the human eye
8in381 dpi
10in305 dpi
12in254 dpi
1ft 3in191 dpi
1ft 7in152 dpi
1ft 11in127 dpi
2ft 3in109dpi
2ft 7in95 dpi
2ft 11in85 dpi
3ft 3.3in76 dpi
3ft 11in64 dpi
4ft 7in54 dpi
5ft 10in42 dpi
6ft 6.7in38 dpi
8ft 2.4in30 dpi
9ft 10in25 dpi
3yd 2ft22 dpi
4yd 1ft19 dpi
4yd 2.7ft17 dpi
5yd 1ft15 dpi
6yd14 dpi
6,56yd13 dpi
8,75yd10 dpi
10,94yd8 dpi
13,12yd6 dpi
15,3yd5 dpi
17,5yd5 dpi

So if you have to do a photo or render of 10,94 X 3,28yd and that is going to see at a distance of 3.28 yd, according to the table you need 25 dpi, es decir:

10,94yd = 393.7in
3,28yd = 118.11in
393.7in X 25 dpi = 9842,5
118.11in X 25 dpi = 2952,7

To cover 10,93 X 3,28yd at a distance of 3,28yd you need an image of 9843 X 2953 pixels
Here the button if you want to download this table in pdf:

Remote control download


Mando control a distancia modelo 3ds descarga

I share a remote control with different materials, each material you can download individually as well as the model in 3ds, Fbx and Obj format.
You also have the option to get it all in one download: model with materials, lights, camera, hdri, masks and textures including also file post-production. In the latter option the model download this 3Ds Max and VRay.

Features files:

  • Formats : 3ds Max, 3ds, fbx, obj.
  • Mapped : Yes
  • Low and High Poly : Yes
  • Polygons : 11473.
  • Elements : Yes


Note: In some cases the procedural materials needed map BerconMaps you can download it from the page

11 Texture to Unwrap UVW – Checker


Texture to Unwrap
These textures help correct mapping textures. Designs in vertical, horizontal and diagonal boxes.

  • Format:PNG
  • Texture max.:5000 x 5000 px
  • Quality:Hight
  • Tileable:Yes
  • Download type:Rar
  • Size:9.72 Mb


Download the complete list of shortcuts for 3ds Max


list of shortcuts for 3ds Max
Download the complete list of all the keyboard shortcuts that come with 3ds Max, this helps make a faster work.

Playmobil and PlayClicks 3D model to Download

Playmobil y Playclicks descarga 3d model

Playmobil and PlayClicks 3D model
This time I bring the line of plastic toys Playmobil and PlayClicks modeled in 3D (High poly and Low poly), are 29 dolls of 7.5 cm ready to download totally free. Its moving parts are the head, arms and legs. These figures are textured let you create a lot of settings and situations with its 29 different characters. Thanks to the high resolution textures and 3D models (high number of polygons) can Render detail.

  • Quantity: 29 models.
  • Formats: 3ds, fbx, obj, 3ds max (versión 2011) VRay
  • Textured: Yes
  • Texture max.: 2000px.
  • Download type: Zip
  • Size: 494 Mb


3d model chair – Thonet 214 to download

3d model Thonet 214

3d model Thonet 214 to download
3d model of the famous chair without armrests 214 model including textures ready to download high quality , this chair is characterized by open back and braided wicker seat.

  • Originally created with 3ds Max
  • Render engine V-Ray 3.20.03 for 3ds Max
  • All textures and materials are included and assigned
  • High detailed 3D model
  • Geometry Polygonal Quads
  • Unit system is set to metric
  • Mapped UVW


33 Masks for Download – Tileable Masks vol_01


tileable masks example gift box
33 masks for use in any 3D program like material multiple textures with ease of changing the color of each mask directly from the 3D program.

  • Quantity: 33 masks
  • Total files: 144 files
  • Format: PNG
  • Max. dimension: 2000px
  • Download type: Zip
  • Size: 21.5 Mb